For Women In Business, Speakers, Coaches & Service Providers Who Are Ready To Stand Out From The Crowd, Explode Your Impact, Ignite Your Audience & Make More Money As A Speaker…And Stay Feminine.

Are you ready to catapult your business and make more money by being a speaker?

Do you hunger to be more in your power and boldly move your audience to action?

Are you ready to be more confident and shine as the authentic, delicious YOU on any stage?

If yes, this is for you.

  1. You will stand out from the crowd of speakers, coaches and service providers.

  2. You will feel amazing about yourself and what you offer.

  3. You will connect with others in a way that changes lives and makes your heart sing.

“I believe I can do greater things because of the belief  Tracey had in me and what I could accomplish.”

“I needed someone to do for me what I do for other people.  Tracey gets my greatness in ways I couldn’t see.”

L. Nowlen, Business Owner & Mentor

“Tracey’s ability to help me be more clear, refined and lasered in my messaging has been priceless.”

“Tracey gets the message across better than others I’ve seen, making sure that what she is teaching is understood and usable, so we put it into action and share it with others.”

“Tracey has extreme focus and the guts to go to the difficult places.”

“I feel really inspired!”


B. Nicholson, President and CEO

L. Rouse, Regional Director


MJ Mahan, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur


Being a speaker, trainer and facilitator is a skill that requires training and unleashing your natural gifts.

If you’re ready to do whatever it takes to fulfill the potential that you have as the messenger you are meant to be…

And if you’re really willing to make sure nothing gets in the way, including yourself, then this is for you!

This is for you if...

  1. You are an experienced speaker or just starting out

  2. Create your own live or virtual events, workshops, webinars and facilitate coaching groups

  3. Appear on other peoples’ stages or teleclasses as an expert guest or panel member

  4. Moderate panels or bring in guests on your platform

  5. Deliver corporate training or want to start working with companies as a trainer or facilitator

  6. Use video to promote or market your message

When you change the way you lead and the way you speak, you change lives, including your own.

You must dare to take risks, be bold enough to command a room with your presence and trust yourself fully to know how to be with and handle whatever comes.

This takes learning the skills and shedding everything that otherwise gets in your way.

And when this happens, you become the kind of rockstar speaker, service provider and woman that has people leaving differently than when they met you or came to hear you speak.

It’s time to bring more of you to the stage and to your business, by being the authentic, delicious and uniquely YOU!

When did it get so crowded?

The truth is it’s become a crowded marketplace right now and people are more discerning with where and how they spend their time, attention and dollars.

You can be a great coach and talented service provider, but if you don’t know how to shake people up and stir them from the inside, you simply won’t be as effective on any stage as you can be and quite honestly, have to be these days.

Everything is changing.

The speaking industry is in flux and the old models aren’t working anymore.

The previous ways of doing business are bust, especially for women entrepreneurs and trailblazers like you and me.

There are so many people pushing business cards, promoting workshops and putting together teleclasses that people are less responsive to the overflow in their inbox, on Facebook or at networking events.

Distinguishing yourself and learning the skill and art of being a stellar speaker, facilitator and trainer is the key to bypassing the noise and hitting the bulls eye in their heart.

In this program, you will find your Speaker Sweetspot, Rock from the Stage and Learn how to:

  1. Have confidence, clarity and congruency so you can lead from the stage and command any ‘room’ or audience, virtual or live

  2. Design your talk, slides and materials, and learn to facilitate a group, in such a way to elicit audience participation so people are engaged and want to go deeper in your work

  3. Know how to share your expertise and story to position you as a leader in your field and gain immediate credibility plus the ‘know, like and trust’ factor

  4. Offer packages and attract clients that you love working with and who are available for your genius/transformation

  5. Get out in front of the right audiences and extend your reach and revenue as a transformational speaker on stage, in video and at networking events

  6. Learn to leverage the best of what makes you amazing, as an expert, leader and woman, so you can bring more of you to the people you are meant to serve

  7. Identify and overcome your blindspots with direct coaching and feedback so you get out of your way, end self sabotage and make peace with your inner demons

  8. Feedback, video replay and in-person direct coaching on how you show up on stage, on camera and at events so you can make the necessary tweaks to magnetize more clients and prospects

  9. Gain solid strategy and learn how to build your team so your business supports you and frees you up to do what you love and are meant for

  10. Harness the support and sisterhood of other extraordinary women who want you to succeed as much as themselves

And…how to do all of this and stay feminine.

It’s undeniable that speaking from stage - whether a virtual or live stage - is the fastest way to grow your business, expand your reach, increase your impact and help you generate more money.

I myself grew my business from 0 to 6 figures in six months and then doubled that within the next 6 months.

But it doesn’t stop there. You need to know how to show up and then how to deliver in a way that stirs people deeply, creates a connection and moves people to take action.

Many people say they are speakers. Few deliver.

Countless coaches, service providers and entrepreneurs offer training and workshops.

But very few know how to master the art and skill of speaking, provide lasting transformation, ignite your audience and make money doing what they love.

I do and I can help you do the same!

I’ll let you in on a secret…

It’s about how you show up and how connected and credible you are in your message to move your audience.

It’s about knowing the skills and specifics so you are prepared and confident enough to then be in the moment no matter what ‘stage you’re on, available to be the messenger you’re here to be.

It’s about the experience you create for people and how you are present and powerful, and feminine.

I know a thing or two about this.

From main stages to corporate boardrooms around the world, I have spoken to, coached and trained tens of thousands of people from top government officials and CEO’s, executive teams and entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, trainers, authors and women like YOU!

I have personally grown my business from zero to over 6-figures in 6 months and then doubled that within the next 6 months by speaking on other people’s stage and hosting my own events.

I have transformed many lives by knowing how to connect, engage and command an audience in an authentic and feminine.

I have also made every mistake possible on stage, leading workshops and hosting telecalls and bombed enough times to know how to recover and how to teach you to be ready for anything!

With much humility and a big smile, I would love to tell you story after story about the ups and downs of being on stage, leading workshops and facilitating training, corporate retreats and live events.

I will tell you that years ago I almost passed out on stage, but with my skill and talent, and some good fortune, that turned into a 5-year gig that had me speak all over the Caribbean, flying first class and staying at the top resorts on the islands.

All because of who I was being on stage.


Speaking, training and facilitating are my greatest joys!

That said, nothing is juicier to me than training women like YOU to get on stage and let YOUR brilliance shine to connect and compel audiences so you can be the rockstar speaker and transformational messenger you are here to be!

It is my passion and purpose to support you in living yours – the world needs you to be the feminine leaders and powerhouse messenger you came here to be!

Plus, what I know for sure is that who you become in this process has the potential to transform all areas of your life.  No kidding. Business, relationships, love, health and on and on it goes. All areas!

Better than I can say it, here are what others have said about their experience with my speaking and leading from the stage.

Rock From The Stage: Find Your Speaker Sweetspot

90-Day Platinum Program:

Make More Money, Ignite your Audience, Explode your impact


With this extraordinary and unparalleled combination of skill development, nuts and bolts ‘how to’s’ and private coaching, you receive world-class training, group acceleration plus private, individual attention to set yourself apart as a rockstar speaker that makes a difference and makes money.


In the 90-day “Rock From the Stage: Find Your Speaker Sweetspot” Platinum Program, you will learn how to:

  1.     Exude confidence, clarity and power so you command the stage while staying feminine and authentic

  2.     Design your talk, slides and materials and lead from the stage to elicit audience participation and engagement

  3.     Passionately offer your services from the stage and attract clients that you love working with

  4.     Receive personal feedback on how you really come across and eliminate the unconscious behaviors that hold you back

  5.     Connect and be effective in videos and at networking events

  6.     Learn how to build your team so your business supports you and frees you up to do what you love and are meant for

  7.     Harness the support and sisterhood of other amazing women who are playing as big a game as you are

  8.     You will also have access to my team for implementation support so you can get your materials done and get out there faster and easier than on your own!

Here’s what you receive in this exclusive 90-day program:

  1.     Once a month, we meet for a full day in-person speaker training intensives where you get up on stage, receive feedback and get live coaching (3 full day intensives)

  2.     Twice a month, you receive private coaching to work on your talk, materials, business structure and any other area you choose (6 x 1 hour one on one private sessions)

  3.     Once a month, we meet as a group by phone for additional teaching and laser coaching (3 x 90-minute group calls)

  4.     10 hours of implementation support from my team for your materials (one sheet, sales page or bio)


  1.             We will shoot video at one of the intensives so you have high definition, professional video footage you can use for your speaker reel or on your website!

The Cost:

One Time Payment of $8,500 or 3 payments of $3,300



Are you ready to actually become the rockstar speaker and powerhouse woman you’re meant to be?

If yes, contact us right away for a complimentary consultation and let’s talk to see if this is right for you!

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I will share that as one of the only women in rooms filled with the highest ranking government officials and millionaire business men, I was the one who facilitated their events and led their meetings, commanding the room and earning their trust and attention.

I have spoken to and led groups of incredible women like YOU, yearning to bring their gifts out in the world, and produced extraordinary results by knowing how to create a safe, sacred and dynamic space in which their lives were forever transformed.

And I have made a lot of money and changed a lot of lives doing this! And so have my clients!

I am so committed that you get the support you need so you can get out and change lives!


“I speak to groups of 50 – 1,000 all over the country and continue to be the top performer in the world every year for 4 years within my industry. I am so comfortable in front of a room and able to connect with audiences because of the work we did. Thank you Tracey!“

V. Trafton, Business Owner

“I went from feeling unsure and insecure to feeling tapped into my feminine strength as a speaker and leader. Thank you! You are a huge gift!”

T. Biddle, Author, Columnist & Entrepreneur

“Working with Tracey, I’ve reached over 300% sales, I’m effortlessly attracting clients and speaking opportunities, and even my marriage is better. I’m in my Sweetspot and I love it!

C. Chevalier, Co-Founder & Business Owner

Linda, Veteran Professional Speaker

Margalit, Professional Coach & Entrepreneur

If you have ever seen Tracey Trottenberg speak from a stage, you know what effective communication, delivered from a place of authentic feminine power, looks and sounds like.

With twenty years experience in the corporate arena and as an entrepreneur, Tracey has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of individuals from government officials, top CEOs and their teams, entrepreneurs, speakers and authors in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. She specializes in guiding women in business to access the source of their true feminine power, passion and purpose; to share their message and establish their presence from any platform - whether in a boardroom , out networking, dealing with their staff or speaking from the main stage – in a way that demonstrates their leadership and preserves their femininity. She has dedicated her life to helping women find their “Feminine Leadership Sweetspot,™” a model she teaches women as a speaker, trainer, facilitator, and coach.

Tracey has delivered her message from international boardrooms to stages such as Internet World, Digital Hollywood, CDMA, CHA and more. As a Master Trainer at Peak Potentials “Train the Trainer II” and a Speaker at The WIN’s “Be The Change” and a multitude of other events, Tracey has shared the stage with such legends as Les Brown, Lisa Nichols and Loral Langemeier.

Tracey founded Amazing Women International over ten years ago; an organization committed to building community and showcasing feminine leaders around the world. She is the show host of “Expose Yourself: How to Lead and Stay Feminine,” on the Women’s Information Network, the creator and host of “Own, Honor & Unleash” Live Events in Los Angeles and the author of her upcoming book: “Are You Woman Enough to Lead? The 7 Strategies to Tap Into Your Sweetspot, Unleash Your Passion and Become the Powerhouse Feminine Leader You’re Meant to Be.”

Her past clients have included:


About Tracey Trottenberg